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MLS 🔵 When will Benjamin Cremaschi return for Inter Miami?

Inter Miami desperately need their infirmary to be emptied as soon as possible. AS understands that The Herons have targeted the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup quarter-final against Monterrey as the key date for Benjamin Cremaschi’s return to the first team. The midfielder returned to training with his teammates at the end of March, but so far he has not returned to the squad.

Inter Miami do not want to rush Cremaschi’s return. The playmaker has been sidelined for almost three months after suffering a hernia. The technical staff opted for a slow recovery so that the player does not relapse. Cremaschi returned to the field yesterday, but with Inter Miami II in their victory over Orlando.

Messi has also been missing for The Herons as they start their MLS 2024 campaign.
Messi has also been missing for The Herons as they start their MLS 2024 campaign.CHRIS ARJOONAFP

The youth player played a little more than 20 minutes where the sensations were good. However, sources close to the club indicate that this time he will not be part of the call-up against Monterrey.

So far, Inter Miami has not had a smooth start to the season. Almost two months before the kick-off of the year 2024, up to seven players of The Herons have had to stop due to injuries, three of them long-term (Farias for the whole season and Cremaschi and Redondo for eight weeks).

At a key moment of the year, with the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup being played, Inter Miami is still in doubt as to whether Leo Messi will be able to play in the match.

While you’re here…

The Argentine has already had to stop on two other occasions so far this season (Asian tour and Montreal). The years are passing through Messi’s legs and now he is looking more to the long term than to immediacy.

We’re going to decide tomorrow. He trained today but we won’t make a decision yet, there are still 24 hours to go. We’ll see with both Leo and Nico (Freire) tomorrow. But Sergiy Kryvtsov is ruled out,” the Argentine coach explained. “The main thing is that Leo has had an injury and we have to manage the timing of that injury. Although we have a very important game tomorrow, we have to remember that we are at the beginning of April and everything is just starting for us. What we mustn’t do is put our players’ physical fitness at risk, so what we think is best for Leo, like any other player, is what will lead us to making the right decision.”

The CONCACAF Champions Cup quarter-final first leg between Inter Miami and Monterrey will be played at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Wednesday 3 April 2024. Kick-off is scheduled for 8pm ET/5pm PT. You can follow the action live on AS USA with Will Gittins.

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