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MLS 🔵 Previewing the MLS Next Playoffs for Charlotte FC Academy | Crown Legacy FC

The MLS Next Playoffs represent the culmination of the Academy season running between June 15 to 23. Charlotte’s U-15 and U-17 teams have both qualified which is an achievement only shared by 13 MLS clubs, highlighting the extensive efforts invested in the CLTFC Academy across all levels.

“I think the playoffs is first and foremost, a testament to the hard work that the guys put in, throughout the year,” started Executive Director of Academy Bryan Scales. “Their body of work over the course of the season was really good. »

“To have both pro pathway teams, the U-15 and U-17 teams qualify for playoffs, I think there’s only a 13 MLS teams that have done; that is a testament to the coaches, players, and training environment.”

Survival is the name of the game for MLS Next playoffs, where every game is a knockout match. This format inherently raises the stakes and intensifies the pressure, a crucial aspect for competing at the highest levels. Additionally, the playoffs introduce teams to unfamiliar opponents they wouldn’t encounter in the regular season, adding another layer of challenge.

Charlotte’s U-15 team, widely regarded as one of the nation’s top squads for their age group, is set to take on the talented LA Galaxy. Meanwhile, the U-17s will challenge the Barça Residency. These matches will be first encounters with these opponents, offering valuable lessons regardless of the outcomes.

“It [MLS Next Playoffs] just gives us a variety of teams to compete against, with pressure, big stage,” said Scales, “And with lots and lots of eyeballs on these guys.”

It’s been a successful season thus for the Academy that has seen them continue to take steps in the right direction. Now, it’s just about finishing strong to keep that momentum going next season.

“It’s been a great season for us, you know, in the building,” reflected Scales. “Our process here residency program, the day stay program… we made a lot of progress this year. So next year, we can we need to continue to improve.”

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