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MLS 🔵 Indianapolis MLS debate has too many adults acting like children

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It’s time the adults in the soccer venue conversation start acting like it.

To Indy Eleven owner Ersal Ozdemir: The USL product does not have the reach MLS does. Developers back out of verbal agreements all of the time. The city should be able to do the same when it’s too risky. Time to swallow some pride and put yourself in position to save the brand by either being willing to sell the brand or join MLS ownership group. If not, it’s time to make the development district much more reasonable in size for a USL team and prepare to share the community with a potential MLS team.

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To Mayor Joe Hogsett: You may have made the right decision to back out of the Eleven Park project. You did not do it the right way. A leader is nothing without a team. Time to listen to your team and keep them in the know.

To IndyStar’s James Briggs: I may agree with you that MLS would be a great product for Indy to get. I do not agree with you about your tact towards Indy Eleven. The fan base is incredibly passionate. I’ve been to Carroll Stadium. It’s a horrible venue for soccer … and yet, they bring in close to 10,000 people a game and the fans support this team. Don’t ever downplay what the team means to the fans and the soccer community.

To the anti-MLS folks: If the MLS wants to expand, why would it expand to an unproven market that doesn’t have a soccer community? Of course it’s going to expand to proven markets. It sucks that great USL markets pay the price for MLS expansion, but Americans aren’t changing any time soon, casual fans and their money will always dictate the success of sports leagues.

To the City-County Council: You are supposed to do what’s best for the city. Of course you haven’t gotten letters supporting MLS because most soccer fans don’t want to be part of the voice that endangers Indy Eleven. We also didn’t think it was an option until recently. The anonymous owners haven’t tried to mobilize fan support. We love soccer, we want soccer. That’s most important.

In the end, if MLS expands to Indy, it’s a positive for soccer and sports in Indianapolis. Stop the kindergarten antics.

Michael Kinkor lives in Lawrence.

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