[GOOGLE NEWS FOOT UK] 🔵 Liverpool can help Manchester United or Aston Villa to the Champions League – Breaking Latest News – Shango Media

[GOOGLE NEWS FOOT UK] 🔵 Liverpool can help Manchester United or Aston Villa to the Champions League – Breaking Latest News

From the 2024/25 season, or simply written, next season, there will be major changes in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa League Conference. It may come a year too late for the Reds, who had benefited greatly from this with fifth place in last year’s season.

Europe’s biggest football tournament is to contain 36 teams in the group stage rather than 32, which means that there are four available places. One of them could end up in the Premier League, if, among other things, Liverpool delivers the goods in the Europa League from March to May.

UEFA plans to award two extra places to the two best-performing divisions in Europe this season, and currently the English top division is ahead of Spain and Germany but behind Italy.

In short, it can be explained like this: if England becomes one of the top two nations in the 2023/24 season, the fifth place in the Premier League, which currently belongs to Aston Villa, will also secure Champions League qualification.

May have ruined for himself

This autumn, eight English teams started their European adventures, and six of them made it through to the play-offs. Manchester United, who are in sixth place in the Premier League, were surprisingly knocked out of the Champions League, which may have ruined their own chances (should they finish fifth in league play).

Newcastle also experienced the same fate in a group with Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan. It’s rarely good to lose two teams already in the group stage, but it’s still likely to end up with five English teams in the Champions League.

Then Manchester City (Champions League), Arsenal (Champions League), Liverpool (Europa League), West Ham (Europa League), Brighton (Europa League) and Aston Villa (Europa League Conference) have to compensate for the teams that are all out.

According to statistics from Opta, currently leads Italy by 14 points, ahead of England (13.6), Germany (13.6) and Spain (12.7) in terms of the two extra places. That means the place is far from secured before the playoffs kick off this week.

Opta gives the Premier League a 77% chance of finishing top 2 at the end of the season, with Italy (50.4%) and Germany (48.3%) close behind.

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