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GOODISON NEWS 🔵 Kieran Maguire notes ‘separate issue’ for Everton if 777 deal fails

Everton could face further financial struggles down the line with 777 Partners largely expected to fall out of the running to buy the club, according to Kieran Maguire.

The finance expert discussed on The Price of Football podcast (30 May) that with the US investment group looking unlikely to finalise a takeover, the loans they’ve received from MSP Capital may present a problem for the Blues.

Maguire implied that with the repayment of those loans coming up to a similar deadline to the one set by Farhad Moshiri, MSP could step in as new owners in 777’s place.

He said: “The 31st of May is (reportedly) the deadline set by Moshiri. There’s increasing evidence that 777 are not in a position to comply with the rules that were set by the Premier League.

“777 could easily have sorted that if they’d got the money and evidence of their sources, but they’ve spectacularly failed to deliver.

“There’s a separate issue with 777 in that their loans from MSP are due for repayment at the end of this month, and there’s no sign that Everton can repay them. Does that mean that MSP take over the club?”

Could MSP Capital step in to buy Everton?

Everton’s takeover saga has been rumbling on for much of the last year, yet still looks no closer to completion despite over eight months of talks between Moshiri and 777 Partners.

Maguire highlights a tough issue to resolve too. If 777 don’t get their deal over the line then who is responsible for paying back the money owed to MSP? Without external funding it is difficult to see how Everton can start repaying MSP.

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Everton Farhad Moshiri
Farhad Moshiri’s relationship with 777 Partners has hampered Everton’s potential takeover.

Thus far, 777 have been unable to satisfy the Premier League’s owners and directors’ tests, hamstringing their ability to complete their buyout of the club.

777 can only have themselves to blame; they have had more than enough time to provide the evidence and show how they will fund the club but have not done so.

Maguire suggested that MSP aren’t a group who would be keen to fulfil the day-to-day operations of running Everton but, if they doubt the club’s ability to pay back their loans, don’t be surprised to see the New York group step into the breach.

In other Everton news, a recently appointed EFL boss has talked of his love for Everton ahead of potentially managing the club one day.

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