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GOODISON NEWS 🔵 Everton transfer news as van de Beek medical update emerges

Everton will have to navigate past the red flags over the injury issues of Manchester United attacking midfielder Donny van de Beek if they are to sign him, according to Dr Rajpal Brar.

The injury expert claims that his knee has been troubling him for over a year and it could even lead to issues with him clearing a medical this summer.

The 27-year-old Netherlands international was offered to the Toffees who are not particularly keen on securing his services. [Caught Offside, 6 July]

Speaking exclusively to Goodison News, Brar, a specialist in Physical Therapy and Sports Scientist, said about van de Beek:

There are cons to signing him and it’ll all be on if he can withstand the physicality and demands of the Premier League following multiple significant knee injuries.

That will be the biggest question.

He’s had plenty of trouble with injuries, most recently on his knee which has troubled him throughout.

His loan spell has also not worked out so there are plenty of red flags and if there are outliers, it could cause issues with his medical as well.

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Everton must avoid Donny van de Beek at all costs

The Netherlands international’s underwhelming performances at Manchester United and the Toffees raise concerns about his ability to adapt to the Premier League.

His high wages could be a financial burden for the club and his fitness has been far from impressive over the past few seasons.

Everton Sean Dyche
Everton manager Sean Dyche

Even in a less intense league on loan, van de Beek struggled which is an indicator that he’s not the player who many thought would live up to his potential.

In other Everton news, the Toffees have agreed a multi-million fee in principle to seal yet another transfer this summer.

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