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GOODISON NEWS 🔵 Everton: Kieran Maguire reveals PSR ruling date as verdict shared

Kieran Maguire has revealed that the ruling on the second Everton PSR hearing could be published on Friday (5 April) or early next week.

Speaking on The Price of Football podcast on Thursday (4 April), the football finance expert admitted that he is “not as positive” about the Toffees’ chances ahead of the judgement after they reported losses of £89.1million in their latest accounts.

He believes there is a case for the Blues to argue there is “double jeopardy” at play if they were handed a second points deduction in the same season, adding that a reduction of two-thirds on whatever punishment they are given would be “appropriate”.

“These are the accounts that Everton have previously submitted to the Premier League by 31 December 2023 and, therefore, they are the accounts which have formed the basis of the second commission hearing,” said Maguire.

“That has taken place and we’re anticipating a verdict being published I think possibly Friday but probably more likely next Monday or Tuesday, with regards to the commission. Given that the losses are higher than anticipated, I think the expectation in terms of a points deduction are not as positive as I was previously feeling.

“If we remember that the 10-point deduction was reduced to six and we do now have a base point which, ironically, has come from the Nottingham Forest commission of if you breach the rules it’s three points and then, depending upon how bad the breach is, there will be one point per whatever it’s going to be or we’ll do an overall assessment.

“I honestly thought that Everton might have just been slightly over. On the basis of these figures, I think we’ve maybe got to do a bit of a revision and to say that Everton’s losses could be in the same region, £20million to £30million over the limit.

“Where does that leave them? Is there a case for double jeopardy? Everton have already been punished for breaching the rules in 2021/22, so I would say that the two-thirds reduction in whatever the tariff is would be appropriate.”

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Everton staring down barrel of second points deduction

It will be hugely concerning for Everton fans to hear that they are likely to be hit with another points deduction following their previous six-point penalty.

That will provide a real blow to their chances of avoiding relegation again this season as they could plummet back into the bottom three.

Although it is by no means an ideal situation, if there was any campaign to be hit with two points deductions, then it is certainly this one due to the lack of quality in the sides battling it out to stay up.

Everton fans regularly make their voices heard at Goodison Park

Sean Dyche will also be concerned about the Toffees’ form on the pitch after they have now gone 13 games without claiming a victory in the Premier League.

That is relegation form in itself and the Blues simply must start to get things right on the field, particularly if another points deduction is likely to be on its way at Goodison Park.

In other Everton news, Jeff Stelling has mooted a £45million exit for one Toffees star.

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