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GOODISON NEWS 🔵 Everton: Gary Lineker & Alan Shearer make ‘messy’ points deduction claim

Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker have slammed the “messy” situation Everton find themselves in with another points deduction potentially on the cards following the result of their appeal against the first one.

Lineker started by suggesting that, having gone seven Premier League games without a win, Everton are now in a worrying situation with the points deduction situation hovering over them.

It was then suggested by both that they felt the initial deduction would be reduced, but uncertainty surrounding a second charge has made the situation even more difficult.

Speaking on The Rest Is Football podcast [12 February], Lineker shared his view: “As for Everton, that’s seven league games without a win. A worrying run of form, really, after having a particularly good spell after the points deduction, they rallied at that point.

“It’s still hovering over them that points deduction and whether it’ll get reduced. I suspect it might, without having any inside knowledge whatsoever,” before Shearer interjected: “But they’re on for another one as well, aren’t they?” and Lineker explained: “Well, that’s it. It’s such a mess in many ways.”

Shearer then continued: “They’ve obviously appealed and that’s gone through, so we’re waiting on that, but I don’t know. My feeling is they might get some points back but then again they might get done again. It’s a really messy situation.”

Everton appeal verdict will come soon

It shouldn’t be too long left until Everton learn the outcome of their appeal against the 10-point deduction given to them by the Premier League for a breach of Profit and Sustainability rules, with the general consensus among pundits that they could be given some points back.

It has been said that they will hear the result of that verdict in the middle of February, and with that time fast approaching, they will not have long to wait, with another report sharing that it should be done before the clash with Crystal Palace (19 February).

Goodison Park awaits a verdict on the appeal

Both Lineker and Shearer decided that the whole process has become a mess – a view shared by most Everton fans who have been left uncertain about the future of their club as a result.

With that appeal result expected soon, some clarity will resume, but another charge hanging over them could cause further problems if the result is just as harsh as the initial decision.

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