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GOODISON NEWS 🔵 Everton: Club sources slam Premier League CEO Richard Masters

Richard Masters has been slammed by a source from one Premier League club amid the ongoing debate surrounding Everton and the points-deduction appeal, as shared by The Athletic.

The football news outlet reported on 13 February that the source insisted Masters is not the right person to lead the Premier League, as he does not deal well with confrontation and does not command a room.

It was also said that other sources disagree with the claims, pointing towards the Everton and Manchester City situations as examples of how he has shown his power over the clubs.

The source was quoted by The Athletic as saying: “Where he fails, and this isn’t the same as saying he is bad at his day job, is that he isn’t the right person to lead the Premier League from a politics standpoint.

“He wants everyone to be happy and move in the right direction but does not deal well with confrontation. He is very affable at meetings, very warm… but he just doesn’t do it in the same way as [Richard] Scudamore. He comes into meetings and will say, ‘This is where we are going’, and everyone just says, ‘No, we aren’t’.”

Richard Masters facing criticism amid Everton situation

The news that at least one Premier League source feels negatively about Masters’ leadership could be positive news for Everton given their ongoing row with the CEO after they were handed an excessive ten-point deduction.

Masters recently provided an update on the appeal process at Everton, clarifying the Premier League’s situation, but faced widespread criticism as he referred to both the Toffees and Forest as “small clubs” while discussing Manchester City.

Goodison Park has become the focus of Premier League debate.

An attempt to backtrack on his comments saw him insist that he was simply responding to the way the question was phrased – and he admittedly has a point there – but in his position, that is something you cannot afford to let slip.

Any suggestion that he may be weak and overpowered in boardrooms would lead directly to Everton fans’ previous suggestions and show just what type of leader the Premier League CEO is.

In other Everton news, positive 777 news has emerged with their multi-club links.

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