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GOODISON NEWS 🔵 Everton alternative takeover bids may not be genuine

The Esk has suggested that not all the Everton takeover bids reported in the media are “genuine”.

Several different parties have been linked with interest in a takeover of the club, including one spearheaded by Everton fans Andy Bell and George Downing, a consortium led by Vatche Manoukian and Roma owner Dan Friedkin, among others.

However, the Everton financial expert does not believe all the names linked are truly in the frame, beyond the Bell and Downing group backed by Michael Dell.

He posted on X (11 June): “I don’t believe the alternatives put to the media are genuine – it was similar with United/Ineos – media reporting all sorts of other offers.”

What if there are fewer bidders for Everton than is being reported?

If The Esk is right and there are significantly fewer bidders in the frame to buy Everton this summer than is widely being reported, that may not be such a bad thing.

While having a wider selection to choose from has its appeal, a more streamlined takeover process would likely increase the speed of the transition – bringing a swifter end to a long, drawn-out saga that Everton fans have suffered through since even before 777 Partners’ exclusivity agreement was signed with Farhad Moshiri.

Additionally, if Bell and Downing – backed by the significant financial muscle of Dell – are the party that takes over, supporters will likely feel confident that a group led by a pair of businessmen with the club’s best interests genuinely at heart will be steering Everton through what is a difficult time.

Between the club’s significant debt and the threat of administration against the backdrop of the construction of a new stadium, having Everton fans in charge – should their bid prove successful – will give supporters confidence in the intentions of their club’s owners for the first time in a long time.

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In other Everton news, the Toffees may need to sell Dominic Calvert-Lewin to seal a new transfer.

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