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DAILY MAIL 🔵 Daniel Levy, your £3m bonus is obscene while you price out loyal fans

  • Levy’s decision to award himself a pay increase – on the heels of last year’s bonus – is contemptible 

The timing, as it always seems to be with Daniel Levy’s Spurs, could not be worse.

Just as we are told one of the most expensive season tickets in football is going up six per cent next year comes news that the best paid administrator in English football has just seen his enormous salary rise from £3.3 to £3.6million.

And, get this, Levy also received a £3million bonus last year which even my ‘O’ Level maths tells me is pretty much exactly the same amount Spurs will recoup next season by fleecing long suffering supporters, many of whom just cannot afford to go any more. Truly, you could not make it up. Truly, it is contemptible.

What exactly was that pay increase and bonus for? It was also revealed in Spurs’ financial results released on Wednesday that the club made a loss of £86.8m last year. Levy got a bonus for that?

Or was it for giving that chancer Antonio Conte £15m a year to produce some of the worst football we’ve seen in years, completely denigrate the club and then put a metaphorical bomb under the whole operation before scarpering back to Italy with his loot?

Daniel Levy has seen his enormous salary rise from £3.3 to £3.6million after the club reported a loss of £86.8m last year

At the same time the Tottenham season ticket price is set to rise by six per cent next season

Levy is the best paid administrator in English football - and his decision to boost his wage is contemptible

It was all going so well this season, too. Levy, either by luck or judgment, finally alighted on the right man to lead our club in the outstanding Ange Postecoglou and what he has achieved this year, irrespective of our final league position, is close to a miracle.

The supporters are totally behind the manager and his style of football again. The whole club are seemingly pulling in the same direction, from the academy to a women’s team who have reached the FA Cup semi-finals playing the same attacking football.

So, what does Levy do? He does his utmost to muck it all up again, not just with the price hikes but with the even more contentious decision to phase out concessions for senior supporters, those people who have paid good money to support Spurs all their lives.

That is what is really contemptible. It is basically an attempt to force out ‘legacy’ fans and replace them with the ever-growing breed of ‘tourist’ supporters who will come for one game and spend far more each time in the club megastore than we ever will.

Let’s get one thing straight. I have no problem with seeing this new generation of supporters making the trip of a lifetime to our wonderful stadium (to be fair that stadium is all down to Levy). The ever-increasing number of Korean fans in particular, clearly there to watch Son Heung-Min more than the team, are a delight.

Our manager was a tourist fan and I, as a huge ice hockey enthusiast, was one myself in October when I travelled to Pittsburgh with my son to watch the Penguins in NHL action.

Spurs fans turned their backs on Tottenham's match against Luton last weekend in the 65th minute to protest the removal of discounted season tickets for OAPs

Tottenham are enjoying an inspiring moment on the pitch but subsequent seasons could become out of reach for 'legacy fans'

But, as Oliver Holt so brilliantly put it in these pages this week, those fans cannot come at the expense of people for whom our club is in their blood. Otherwise there will be no passion, no soul and no atmosphere in our grounds. Above all there will be no community which is where our football differs from that American experience.

I can’t imagine, for instance, we will be seeing quite so many of those Korean fans once Son moves on. Nor the two Americans, decked out in full Spurs kit, sitting behind us at the Luton match last weekend who tapped my son on the shoulder after Son’s late winner, pointed to the big screen and said ‘what does “COYS” mean?’

Yes, Daniel Levy has done so much good for our club and, really, the problems others are having with the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules should be his crowning glory. His insistence on playing everything by the book, in being sustainable while all around us have splashed the cash, is being gloriously vindicated.

Yet he always finds a way to throw a stone in the calm water. And he is being ever handsomely rewarded for doing so, too.

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