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CNN 🔵 Live updates: Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in gun case

When the jurors first started their deliberations Monday afternoon, the first thing they did was take a vote, according to one male juror who spoke to CNN.

The jury was split — six in favor of convicting Hunter Biden on federal gun charges, six who initially wanted to render a not guilty verdict, according to the juror.

When the jury came back Tuesday morning, the next vote was 11-1, with 11 people saying they thought the prosecution proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt, the juror said to CNN’s Hannah Rabinowitz.

The other jurors were then able to focus on the one holdout to get to a unanimous verdict, that juror said. Over the next few hours, the jury discussed the elements of each crime, the man said, and the last person agreed that they should return a guilty verdict.

The juror would not reveal anything about his politics but did express support for the Bidens in terms of addiction.

Three jurors who spoke to CNN after they reached a guilty verdict said that they believed they had no choice but to find Hunter Biden guilty — but said that they question whether the criminal case ever should have been brought against the president’s son. 

The case “seemed like a waste of taxpayer dollars,” one female juror told CNN. 

Another male juror said that the process was “a little but frustrating because it felt like we couldn’t get the full story.”

This post has been updated with comments from more jurors.

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